A2 DTG/UV Controller Board Kit (auto-lift)


Expand boundaries with a bigger format! Build a flatbed printer based on A2 Epson 3800/3880/P800.
The kit includes:
  • A2 controller board with automatic height adjustment;
  • drive pulley (8mm bore);
  • idle pulley;
  • timing belt (3m);
  • ribbon cables (2);
  • push buttons (5);
  • inductive limit switches (2);
  • mechanical limit switch (1);
  • laser transmitter sensor;
  • laser receiver sensor;
  • connecting wires;
  • detailed wiring diagram.
The above kit also requires:
  • stepper motors;
  • stepper motor drivers, similar to TB6600;
  • 12v 3-5A power supply;
  • 5V relay module for UV LED.
Discounts are available on a larger quantity.


Note: Returns are not accepted. Each controller board is fully tested prior to shipping. Please contact us in case of any questions.


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